Ludhiana – Shri Prahlad Modi (Brother of PM Narendra Modi) visited Vishwa Shanti Sadan Retreat Centre

On 27th September 2019, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi alongwith brother Happy Baba Chhapaar, Brother Hukum Chand and Brother Manoj visited Vishwa Shanti Sadan, Jhande. They were welcomed at the Retreat centre with flower bouquets and Tilak by BK Saraswati Didiji (Sub-Zone In-Charge, Ludhiana) and other sisters with huge zeal and enthusiasm. BK Sushma Didiji (Senior Rajyoga Teacher) took all the guests on tour of Art Gallery at Vishwa Shanti Sadan briefing them on the seven days Rajyoga meditation course.

Dr. BK Seema Chopra, beautifully explained the techniques of meditation making them realise their true self and the importance of intellectual connection with GOD in our day-to-day life. BK Saraswati Didiji gave inspirations on performing good deeds to garner blessings of all, which enables us to move forward on the path of spiritual progress making us experience incognito happiness.

Brother Prahlad Modi took blessings from BK Saraswati Didiji and understood the depth of the role of spirituality in a Human Being’s life. He praised the selfless services of Brahma Kumaris in uplifting the society morally and ethically. He said he believes that Brahma Kumaris is the only organisation which shows the pathway towards true peace and happiness and urged everyone to become a part of this institution. Brother Happy Babaji expressed his gratitude to the sisters at the centre for their heart warming love and respect.

Guests were honored and presented with Godly gifts.